Saturday, August 11, 2012

Knight of the Dark

Warrior of the night.
Champion with black heart.
Protector of the weak.
Knight of the dark.

Forever knight

Forever knight.
Twilight warrior of the dark.
Eternal champion for justice.
Undead superhero with vampyre heart.

Buffy is my world

Buffy is my world.
My sun, moon and stars.
She is the air that i breathe
and the motor that makes my heart beat.
Without her i wovld die.
She is my everything.
An eternity without Buffy
would be like an eternity without air.

My beloved adoring

Your love is intoxicating
and breathtaking.
your smile infectious
and unmistakably perfectious
your eyes magnetic
drawing me to you like magic
your aura inspiring
you are my muse
sending my creativity soaring
you bring me to life
my beloved adoring

Mirror mirror on the wall.

Mirror mirror on the wall. WHO is the fairest of them all? . . with golden locks upon her head. TIS she who slays the living dead.



Forever one

On the road our bodies become one.
As I open up the throttle I feel your body heat against me.
Your pulse quickening as you wrap your arms around my waist.
Your grip tightens as our velocity increases.
Together we soar into the unknown -the future.
Together we are one.
Unstoppable. Inseparable.
Forever one.

Lethal Protector

Lethal protector.
Forever in night.
Unliving knight of the living dead.
Undead champion.
Blood stained soul.
Satin sheets turned blood red.

Man and monster

Man and monster.
Hunter and hunted.
Inhuman with humane intent.
Vampire and slayer.
Unloved and in love.
Re-souled and Determined to repent.

Buffy Summers

i love you Buffy Summers.
i love you like a fat kid love cake.
i love you there's no mistake.
i love your smile.
i love your eyes.
i love your hair.
i love your thighs.
i love your arms around me.
i love you Buffy Summers
cant you see?

Buffy Ann

i love you Buffy Ann
what will it take to make you understand
you are my moon and stars
my life and unlife
my near and far
what will it take to make you see
how much you mean to me?
Buffy Ann i love you

Wish upon a star

Every day i love u more.
U are a dream come true.
I close my eyes and
make a wish upon a star
for an eternity with u.

She loves me not

I know she doesnt love me.
Tho part of me wants to believe.
I cant disguise it.
I wear my heart out on my sleeve.
But i know she doesnt love me.
Her heart belongs to him.
He is always on her mind.
Her thoughts are about them.

Goldilocks and the big bad

Goldilocks went out one night
to find some naughty lads
she dusted them and turned around
and saw the big bad
at first she didnt like him
but soon she realized
that she was all
that she could see
when she looked into
his eyes

I will die for you

You'll never love me.
But i always loved you.
Ill never be good enough for you.
But ill always be there for you.
Ill stand by you.
Ill protect you
and when the time comes
i will die for you.

Golden haired angel

Golden haired angel.
How i worship you.
I am in Heaven
when I am with you.
Golden haired angel.
Keeper of my heart.
My life is hell
when we are apart.

Beauty and the beast

My beauty
my angel
my goddess
how i worship thee
how are you this evening?
what can i do today for thee?
my blue eyed blonde angel
keeper of my heart
i cannot live without thee
i cannot breathe when we are apart
i am the big bad
the darke childe
the evil beast
you are the slayer
the chosen one
together we are legend
beauty and the beast

Small lil girl

Small lil girl
how are you this morn?
into each generation
a slayer is born
you must save the world
you must prowl the night
you must keep the weak
from the creatures of the night
small lil girl
guardian of man
you patrol the streets
with a piece of wood in your hand
small lil girl
walk thru the night
protect us from the monsters
until the morning light

Little Blonde Slayer

Little blonde slayer
why do you haunt my dreams?
little blonde slayer
why do i think these things?
little blonde slayer
get out of my head
little blonde slayer
join me in my bed